How I Met Your Mother S3 E4

Posted: June 27, 2009 in T.V.

So, Here I am sitting in my living room. Nothing on T.V. because it’s Saturday afternoon. Why not throw in a show on DVD? Seeing as I actually only have 3 shows on DVD (How I Met Your Mother, Firefly, and Macgyver) I threw in what I had.

How I Met Your Mother has been one of my favorite shows for awhile now. I only own season 3 on DVD but I never seem to get sick of it. For those who don’t know what How I Met Your Mother is about I will do my best to explain it in as few words as possible. Here we go, HIMYM is about a guy named Ted and his 4 best friends. The basic idea behind the show is Ted in the year 2030 telling his kids how he met… well… their mother!

Okay, I should probably get to what I was originally going to write about. Episode 4 of Season 3, also known as “Little Boys.” In this episode Ted and Barney are having a competition to see who has more “game” when it comes to picking up girls. They pick a girl and see who can sleep with her first. It sounds pretty shallow but really it…… well, I guess it is. Anywho, Barney breaks it to Ted right at the beginning that he had gotten with the girl about a year before. This makes Ted think twice about taking Barney’s “sloppy seconds.” This makes me think. Would you date someone your best friend has already dated? I honestly don’t know if I would or not. There always is that history hanging over you that this girl (or guy) has probably done the same thing with your best friend. That seems kind of awkward to me. At the same time, if you like this girl (or guy) and can really connect with them, none of that crap should matter. Let me know what you think.

Most HIMYM episodes have a couple stories going on at the same time and the other story line in this episode follows Robin and her new boyfriend George. George has a kid. Robin doesn’t like kids. This creates a very tough situation for Robin. One morning when she’s eating breakfast at George’s apartment and his son walks in. It turns out that Robin and this little kid start to get along really well. Robin decides that she should break up with George so the kid doesn’t get too attached to her. Again, this brings up and interesting question. Would you date someone who has a kid? I for one would not. For pretty much the same reason as Robin. I would not want the kid to get too attached to me in the case the relationship does not work out. THEN you have not only an adult upset with you but also a small child. That would suck.

If you haven’t watched HIMYM you probably should. It’s a great show and it’s very funny. Oh also, the legendary Neil Patrick Harris on that. If that’s not reason enough for you to watch the show, your standards are way too high. So enjoy your lives and get back to me about what you think is good and bad in the entertainment world.


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