Let me know what you think….

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Comics

So, I have been thinking about comics a lot lately and have been attempting to come up with ideas for comics. I have one that I personally really like and would like your opinions on it. So here… we… go!

At age 10, David Fullton (not a finalized name), runs away from home. His father is abusive and his mother is so beaten down she does nothing to protect her kids.

For 7 years David lives on the streets with other a group of rag tag kids about his age. Stealing food and begging for money. One day, just like most days he walks into a grocery store to steal some food but is caught in the act. He runs from the cops but suddenly realizes he’s travelled several city blocks in under a second. Where did these powers come from? They’re kinda cool. At first David uses them for his everyday activities. He gets some fruit and some other snacks for his friends but that starts to get boring. David starts planning and comes up with the perfect plan. He’ll rob the bank across town. It’s far enough away no one will even suspect it was him.

He picks the perfect time and makes his move. But wait… what are those other guys doing? Just as he’s about to rob the bank, two non-super powered robbers start their own heist. Wanting the money for himself David takes action and starts to fight the cash away from the robbers. Just then the cops show up. Seeing a masked speedster beating up two robbers they assume he’s a hero, praising him for his good deed. David is taken aback but knows he doesn’t want to go to jail so he plays along. This isn’t what he wants though. He wants the glory of being the villain. He wants the people of the town to fear and respect him.

This is as far as I’ve gotten. So, feel free to email me ideas or post them in the comments.

My email is: adam.r.steen@gmail.com, so shoot me your ideas and who knows maybe some day this will all come to fruition.

Hope you guys have a great week!

Peace out!


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