Posted: September 11, 2009 in Movies

I went and saw 9 yesterday (9/9/09) and overall I’d say I was pleased.The basic plot of the movie is that the human race has been destroyed by the machines and the only survivors that aren’t evil robots are small rag doll looking robots.

The animation in this was breath-taking. They did a great job riding that line of realistic and artificial. You could very much tell it was animated but the characters had so much detail put into them that they looked as though you could go out and build a little robot just like 9.

The basic idea of this movie was pretty awesome in my opinion. Although, I feel like a lot of the specific details of how and when things would happen became very predictable. The dialogue was fun and overall I think they did a good job of giving each character their own personality but it lacked a bit of flow. It was very jumpy. One thing would happen then the next thing, then the next thing. Not a whole lot of in between time. Also, I feel like the ending lacked a lot of luster. It ended how I thought it would end with absolutely nothing surprising. Like my sister Jill would say, “Let me guess, Batman saves the day at the end?”

I enjoyed the movie and would suggest you go see it but overall it wasn’t anything special. No real new ideas were presented and I wasn’t blown away by any plot twists. It was fun and I’d be willing to watch it again but by no means is it Tim Burton’s best work.


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