Posted: September 11, 2009 in T.V.

This past year has been pretty amazing to me as far as television goes. This past year I’ve found myself watching more TV than I probably ever have. I usually don’t catch the shows live but thanks to Hulu I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up.

Where some of my favorite shows have fallen (The Office) many have stepped up to fill the gaps (How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, The Big Bang Theory). Glee is a rookie show but it is definitely showing some MVP potential.

Glee is about a schools show choir and the lives of the people involved. It deals with some fairly serious topics (marital problems, pre-marital sex, peer pressure) but keeps a very light hearted and fun mood.

This show has pretty much everything you need for a good show. Humor, drama, scandalous relationships (yes I just used the word scandalous) and MUSIC! The actors on the all have fairly strong histories on broadway. The teacher was the lead role in Hairspray! So, you know the singing isn’t going to suck. I think the thing I like most about this though is how much more you can get out of it when you really pay attention to little details. The tiniest things can really build a character’s personality. For example, they are doing a performance in front of the whole school and during one of the dance moves Finn (the lead guy/football star) gets a slap in the butt from Kurt (the gay) and for a split second makes a glance over to his football buddies as if to tell them “I’m not gay, I swear!” And just to add on to great humor and story line they have great music in it! Everything from Journey to Kanye West, and let me tell you they do not disappoint with their singing and arrangements. They’re just fun and catchy.

I missed the pilot episode back in I think January when it first aired but when I watched it on Hulu before the new episode aired I was hooked. I think everyone should at least give this show a shot if you don’t like it that’s fine but you may be surprised.


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