Whip It

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Movies

Seeing the title of this post you may be thinking to yourself… “is he going to write a review of the new movie Whip It? That’s not even out yet…” You are correct. It’s not. But thanks to some really awesome friends I got to go to a sneak preview of it. It was awesome!

The basic story of the movie is a girl in a small town is bored with her life and annoyed with her parents. She finds a roller derby club in Austin, TX (which is near her home town) and decides to join. Turns out she’s really good at it.

You may think it sounds like a lot of movies that have come out. Girl hates life, Girl finds joy, Girl lives happily ever after. And you’re right that’s pretty much how it goes but what you’re not realizing is that great movies aren’t always made by huge new ideas. In fact a lot of huge new ideas suck. A lot. Great movies are made by creating a connection between the viewer and the characters. This movie thrived on that connection.

Ellen Page rocked this movie, as she always does. I honestly don’t think anyone plays a rebellious teenage girl better than Ellen Page. The entire movie you just wanting to grab her and tell her you’re there for her and how proud of her you are…. or at least I did. You could tell she put a lot of heart into this role as is also obvious in Juno.

This movie is Drew Barrymore’s directing debut and let me tell you she hit a HUGE home run. Not only did she do an excellent job directing but her character in the movie is absolutely hilarious. You could tell everyone involved had a ton of fun.

This movie was quite possibly one of the best films to come out in months. I highly recommend going to see it when it comes out on October 2nd. I know I’ll be seeing it again and will most definitely be buying on DVD. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have an excellent life.

Peace out.

  1. Jon says:

    I loved the movie! It was just a great film with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. I’m so proud of Drew accomplishing her directorial debut. You are right, she did hit a home run! I cannot wait to see how much it makes at the box office.

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