Forget and Not Slow Down

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Music

I’ve been listening to Relient K for a few years now. I’d say they are one of my favorite bands. They’ve made a huge impact on my life and their newest album is no exception. Forget and Not Slow Down is Relient K’s sixth full length album and although there are quite a few new members (namely Ethan Luck on drums) they are still the same old RK you all love. Some people may view that as a bad thing but obviously those people are idiots. Kidding. What I mean when I say they are the same old RK is that they are still pumping out awesome, honest music that’s hard not to enjoy.

Forget and Not Slow Down brings everything Relient K is good at and then takes and it makes it even better. Matt Thiessen (as always) brings an unbelievable amount of honesty and emotion to his lyrics and does an exceptional job of delivering those emotions through his vocals. Matt Hoopes and John Schneck do an awesome job in bringing new and powerful guitar rhythms to this album. This is a very new sound from Relient K, more grown up and yet it feels very welcoming. If you’ve been listening to Relient K for a long time, like myself, you will find this very familiar but with an added spice to it. And I say keep adding that spice because I am willing to eat it up for a long time.

Drew Beringer, a writer on the site, wrote on his twitter, “One could argue they are the most consistent band in the pop-punk/rock genre of the last few years.” And I agree with him 100%. These guys put a lot of work and even more heart into every single one of their songs and it shows! I know I’ve said it many times already but these guys deliver good… nay…. great, honest pop punk music that never fails to evoke emotions both good and bad.

I highly recommend this album, especially if you’re a fan of RK. And for only 9 bucks on (for a limited time). Why not get it?

I hope you guys enjoy this album as much as I am.

Peace out!


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