Taking it for granted

Posted: October 16, 2009 in General

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Well, not really. I’ve actually been attempting to watch TV online and that got me thinking. With this new(ish) technology giving us the ability to play large chunks of video on our computers. How has this affected the newest generation of computer users and buyers.

In my short spurts of actually using my brain, I’ve come to the conclusion the the most hated word of this next generation (quite possibly my generation, I don’t really know much about generations) is “Buffering.”

You may scoff and think to yourself, “boy, Adam’s really lost it now,” but seriously think about it. Stick a group of kids ranging from oh say 15-20 in a room with computers. Tell them to watch a show off of Hulu.com or some other internet television site and the one thing they will all complain about is the loading speed (buffering speed). They don’t really take the time to realize that they are in full control of when and where they are watching these shows.

A while back there was a guy on Conan O’ Brien (can’t remember his name) but he made an exceptional observation. He said, “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” He went on to explain that we have all this incredible technology and yet no matter how amazing it is we continually complain about it. He uses the example of planes. People always complain about how terrible their flight experiences are and how they had to wait 2o minutes just to board and then sat on the run for 40 minutes. Then he says “Oh really? Then what happened? Did you FLY THROUGH THE AIR?? Did you take part in the wonders of human flight?”

And he’s absolutely right. People take everything for granted and it’s kind of sad. We have all these amazing things around us and yet we still complain. Nothing is ever enough. I admit I am one of these many people and I am always complaining about how annoying things can be and how things should be better than they already are. But you know what? I think I need to take a step back and look at the larger picture. We all do. I mean seriously even this very post is amazing. I am able to easily share my opinion with the entire world!

So here’s what I think we all should do. This week, before you start bickering about your text taking a long time to send or your video taking forever to load. Think about the mere fact that you’re able to do these things and be thankful. We live in an ever changing world and things are only going to get better.

Peace Out


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