Most Epic Battle Ever

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Movies

Wow… It’s been awhile. Sorry.

To make it up to you I’m going to examine quite possibly the most infamous nerd battle of all time. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Before I get started though I have to say. I like both. But when forced to make a choice I will 100% of the time pick Star Wars. Also I’ve noticed that most people I’ve asked have stated that their decision is mostly based on what they grew up around. I decided to step back from the bias of that and take a look at what it is that makes me love Star Wars so much.

First up is the overall story. Star Trek has a good story but I feel like that story has been lost with the over saturation of the name Star Trek. The newest movie did a great job of rebooting the brand but I feel Star Wars has always stuck to the same storyline. Although Star Wars has started to falter a bit lately with the quality of storytelling. Every off shoot of the Star Wars brand name has added a new layer to the story, good or bad. The writers always seem to look at what has happened and find ways to explain it or put a new twist on it. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of Star Wars get a lot of crap for “ruining” the Star Wars storyline but although they didn’t do an amazing job they did give an interesting back story to the last 3 episodes.

More specifically I absolutely love the characters in Star Wars. I mean, who doesn’t love Han Solo? Seriously. The characters in Star Trek are great and I love Spock but I don’t feel the same connection I do with Luke Skywalker. This may be just because I grew up watching Star Wars or it may be due to an excellent job writing characters on the part of George Lucas. Either way I can watch Star Wars and really feel for the characters and they just seem like real people put into this situation. And who can deny that Jedi are amazing. Lightsabers are definitely the greatest weapon ever and the Force is just so cool. There’s nothing like it in Star Trek.

My third reason? Two words. Darth. Vader. What science fiction villain is more menacing? All nerds cringe a bit when they hear the name Darth Vader. He’s just so… evil. Yet they add that little bit of tension with the reveal of his relationship to Luke. You want him dead but he’s Luke’s dad (if you didn’t know that by now you should not be my friend…). He’s is quite possibly the perfect movie villain. If not, most certainly the coolest movie villain of all time.

Finally, some of you may be offended by this next statement but you can deal with it. I think Star Wars fans are cooler than Star Trek fans. Don’t get me wrong though. I have some amazing friends who are Trek fans but I’m talking about the super fans. Both groups dress up. Both groups will fight to the death for their respective franchises. But overall I think Star Wars fans tend to be more chill about it. Star Trek fans learn Klingon and think it’s impressive. Star Wars fans? We mostly just spout trivia randomly to try and impress girls. Which of these is more normal. Well yeah… neither… and neither work very well BUT I think it’s a little more normal to spout movie trivia than to learn a non-existant language. I do have to admit though it takes skill to learn Klingon and I commend you if you have. I simply think that the majority of Star Wars fans are less hardcore and therefore slightly cooler than Star Trek fans.

If you’ve been offended by this post I’m sorry but it’s just how I feel. Hopefully you guys understand what I’ve tried to explain. I love Star Wars and always will. Feel free to explain your point of view in the comments. I love hearing why people like movies and stuff.

Everyone have an excellent week and I’ll be sure to try and update more regularly.

Peace Out!

  1. Merissa says:

    “if you didn’t know that by now you should not be my friend…” LOL
    I am proud to call you BFFF.

  2. See… Darth Vader is incredibly menacing, but I don’t cringe when I think about him. I kind of love him and want to befriend him.

  3. Sandra says:

    haha that is awesome. and you are right that star wars fan boys are cooler than trekkers, the uniforms alone can attest to that. Also, Jedi vs Star-fleet… no contest, right? And yet, I will go to my grave swearing that Star Trek PWNS the wars.

  4. Brian Barker says:

    Klingon is difficult, but Esperanto is worldwide. And easy, of course 🙂

    As in

    Also see

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