Top 5 Albums of 2009

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Music

So it’s getting to be the end of 2009 and my goodness did it go fast!! There were a ton of great CD’s released this year and so I figured I’d tell you guys my 5 favorites. These are in no particular order but I highly recommend you check all of them out. Even if they aren’t the usual style of music you listen to.

Forget and Not Slow Down – Relient K

I already wrote a review of this so I’m just going to hit a few highlights. First off I really love the new sound that Relient K created with this album. It’s much more mature but still has that witty, creativity that Matt Thiessen is able to bring into his lyrics. Also you can really feel the emotion in each and every song. You can really tell they put everything they had into making this album the best they could and they absolutely succeeded. This is currently my favorite Relient K album to date and I hope they stick with this new sound.

Favorite song: Sahara

Blueprint III – Jay-Z

I know what you’re thinking… “Adam, you know NOTHING about rap” and you’re right. I don’t but I do know when I like music no matter what the genre. This album does have the usual self praising rap songs but also brings a really great commentary on the rest of the rap scene. One of my favorite lines from the album is in the song D.O.A (Death of Auto-tune) when Jay-Z says “You rappers singing too much, get back to rap, you T-Pain’n too much.” Jay-Z said in an interview that he doesn’t hate auto-tune he just thinks it’s time to move on and get back to where this genre started. And for that I give him my respect.

Favorite song: Young Forever

Felt – Anchor & Braille

This was my most anticipated album of 2009 and boy did it deliver. This album brings together two of my favorite artists of all time, Aaron Marsh and Stephen Christian. It’s been in the works for years and there were some worries that it would not be released due to contractual problems with the two musicians. This is a very different sound for Stephen Christian and it’s very obvious that Aaron Marsh was a part of this album. It’s absolutely filled with emotion and was well worth the very long wait.

Favorite song: Summer Tongues

Ocean Eyes – Owl City

I admit I’m a new recruit to the Owl City army and I haven’t had a chance to listen to their old stuff yet but seriously this album is incredible. It’s unbelievably cute and fun and  always seems to cheer me up (not nearly as well as this though). They have a very interesting sound and they kind of remind me of Relient K. A more… electronic Relient K. All the lyrics are really clever and this is just a fun album to listen to. Go buy it. Now.

Favorite Song: Meteor Shower

The Hazards of Love – The Decemberists

The thing I love about The Decemberists is that all their albums have the same overall feel but none of them sound the same. They always bring a very unique twist to their sound and it always seems to come sounding amazing. I’d actually say this album is more a musical than just a CD. Each song flows into the next and it all tells a really interesting story. It’s almost hard to not listen to the whole album straight through. So go do it! You may be surprised!

Favorite song: The Queen’s Rebuke/ The Crossing

Honorable Mentions:

Merriweather Post Pavilion – Animal Collective
When I Hit The Ground – Ace Enders and A Million Different People
Years of Refusal – Morrissey
Noble Beast – Andrew Bird

Feel free to tell me what your favorite albums this year were, in the comments. Hope you guys have a wonderful week and  a wonderful Christmas!

Peace Out!

  1. John says:

    big fan:

    middle cyclone by neko case
    curse your branches by david bazan

  2. Car says:

    ya for sure but my favorites were as follows will keep listening to these all of next year
    1.animal collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
    2.yeah yeah yeahs It’s Blitz
    3 phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus
    4.teagan and sarah Sainthood
    5.thursday Common Existence

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