Dalton V. Bieber: Episode 1

Posted: March 30, 2010 in General

There once was a boy named Dalton. He lived a life of happiness and solitude until one day a horrible pop musician came onto the scene. The singers name was… Justin Bieber (dun dun DUNNNN). At first there was nothing strange about this. until people all over the world started to realize how much Dalton looked like Justin Bieber often confusing the two. Dalton did not like this, so after months of planning Dalton drove cross country to meet Justin Bieber.

*Insert long driving montage here*

Dalton now stood on Bieber’s door step. He reached his hand out but before he could hit the doorbell Bieber’s door swung open. Dalton looked down and there stood Bieber. Bieber then stared deep into Dalton’s eyes and said “I see you’ve decided to come after all… Dalton…” (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN) (how does he know Dalton’s name??) Dalton makes the first move swinging his left fist directly at Bieber’s face but Bieber is too quick. He ducks and delivers a vicious upper cut to Dalton’s stomach off balance and without breath Dalton stumbles back, shocked at Bieber’s power “I see you’ve been training” says Dalton who then lunges forward and delivers a devastating knee to Bieber’s face. Bieber is unmoved. How could Bieber not be affected but such a wicked knee to the face? Dalton jumps back and takes a defensive stance, looking around for what could possibly have given Bieber the power to withstand such blows. Then Dalton saw it clutched in Bieber’s left hand was an empty can of Red Bull

*screen goes to black*



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